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CREED frontman Scott Stapp is revelling in his new role as a real estate mogul.

The rocker became an active investor when he founded LION'S SHARE HOLDINGS to pursue properties on the Hawaiian island of Maui - where he resided for one year - and other locales.

He says, "We have about $15 million in properties right now. We are actively pursuing real estate that we plan to let appreciate and then turn over in three years or so."

Other cities which Stapp has his sights on include Orlando, Florida; New York and Los Angeles.

But it is South Beach, Florida, where Stapp recently decided to buy a place for himself and just before he started working on his upcoming solo CD, he moved into a sprawling estate in the sunkissed region.

He adds, "I have to be by the water. It brings a calmness to me, which I need as a writer. The architecture of the house is just so beautiful, and I'm decorating the inside with everything that could inspire me. I want every inch of the house a place where you can sit and be inspired."

10/25/04: Creed Greatest Hits Two-Disc cd dvd compilation
In stores 11.23.04
  • Torn
  • My Own Prison
  • What’s This Life For
  • One
  • Are You Ready
  • Higher
  • With Arms Wide Open
  • What If
  • One Last Breath
  • Don’t Stop Dancing
  • Bullets
  • My Sacrifice
  • Weathered

  • Accompanying DVD includes all of the band’s music videos and three previously unreleased live performances.
    Click thumbnail to see Cd cover.

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    Alterbridge News
    Mark Tremonti is on the cover of Guitar One magazine, the same magazine that named Mark Tremonti as the best riff architect with Metallica's James Hetfield in 2nd. 

    Read this brand new interview with Mark Tremonti on!
    "Find The Real"
    (Live @ The Avalon)
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