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Tisha Emberton photo Copyright 2004
Alter Bridge's Brian Marshall, loud, adventurous on bass Tisha Emberton photo Copyright 2004

Full Name: Brian Aubrey Marshall
Birthdate: April 24, 1974
Nickname: "Willie"
Status: bass guitar player for Alter Bridge, former bass player of Creed.
Musical History: Brian played in bands before Creed, He was once in a band called Baby Fish Mouth. He has played the Bass for over 10 years.
Brian Marshall parted ways with Creed during the summer of 2000. Creed bassist Brian Marshall made headlines for criticizing Pearl Jam's songwriting style on their album in 2000 during a radio interview; Brian apologized,  and Stapp distanced the rest of the band from Marshall's comments on  Creed' s website. A couple of months later, just before the official start of the band's American tour, it was announced that Marshall was no longer a member of Creed. He was replaced for the tour by Brett Hestla (also of Virgos ) Now, Brian Marshall is back on the scene with Alter Bridge!

Bassist Brian Marshall having fun on an accoustic guitar

On, Brian Marshall says, "After some time, I built a studio, starting another band, and started some producing. Then, I got the call from Mark and I was just so excited to hear from him. We got together and jammed and just hearing him play again was amazing. I'm so glad to be back; it's like a rebirth."

Bassist Brian Marshall warming up