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Music Matters Most


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Music Matters Most

The music is what matters most...


In the US, the album has spent over a year on the album charts, and was recently certified 6x Platinum.
3x platinum: Canada
2x platinum: New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia
Gold: Singapore, UK , Germany, Venezuela, South Africa, India, Phillipines, Thailand.

Windup Entertainment, 2001

Track List:
  1)  Bullets
  2)  Freedom Fighter
  3)  Who's Got My Back
  4)  Signs
  5)  One Last Breath
  6)  My Sacrifice
  7)  Stand Here With Me
  8)  Weathered
  9)  Hide
 10) Don't Stop Dancing
 11) Lullaby

I'm really touched by the album. Weathered has a deep core that reaches out and touches the soul. Many people relate to Creed's album, Weathered, in their own way. The words of track 8, Weathered, states that
Me I'm rusted and weathered
Barely holding together
Im covered with skin that peels and
it just wont heal
This speaks of the hardships in life we ponder. Sometimes people or obstacles blind our path with destruction. And in the end the song, Weathered says,
The day reminds me of you
The night hides your truth
The earth is a voice
Speaking to you
Take all this pride
And leave it behind
Because one day it ends
One day we die
Believe what you will
That is your right
But I choose to win
So I choose to fight
To fight

Weathered, within the song and throughout the album, speaks to the heart and molds it with words of inspiration that no matter how hard the fall, you must be strong, "Because inside I know that many feel this way"(Don't Stop Dancing)



Words from CREED's
My Sacrifice:
We've seen our share of ups and downs
Oh how quickly life can turn around in
an instant
It feels so good to reunite
Within yourself and within your mind
Let's find peace there.

CREED's album Weathered in stores now!

Creed logo
Stand Here With Me
You always reached out to me and
helped me believe
All those memories we share
I will cherish every one of them
The truth of it is theres a right way to live
And you showed me
So now you live on in the words of a song
Youre a melody
My message to CREED: To my favorite band~
Thank you so much for music that moves and inspires the soul. I think your Weathered tour performance was amazing. I look forward to being with you again. Until then~